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What to cook for Family Today?

This was a question homemakers often had to ask in their daily lives. But these days a homemaker’s schedule can rival those of the earning family members. They too can have office tensions, day to day challenges, financials decisions and so on.

காலைஎழுந்தவுடன் நாளையகேள்வி. என்ன சமையல் நாளைக்கு ?

Now the added pressure of cooking is on your mind.

Hmm? You will need spices, oils, air fresheners to combat the odor, and prepare the food while possibly getting cuts, nicks, or bruises. Not to mention the 1-2 hours of shopping and doing the dishes after the meal!

Say it's the first day of the week. I created a list of possible ingredients needed for our four-member family.

2 lb Tomatoes


2 lb Cauliflower


2 lb Onions


​2 lb Okra


​2 lb Beans


2 lb Carrots


​2 lb Tindora


2 lb Beetroot


​Curry leaf








Green Chilli




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